Let’s Get Ballsy!

Let’s Get Ballsy!

The theme for November has in recent years been “Movember”. Movember is to bring awareness about men’s health. If you haven’t checked out our Facebook lately, we have recently gone Movember crazy with pets showing off their best mustaches! We wanted to keep the theme going for this month (all about the boys), and since we posted last month¬†about the importance of spaying your female pet, we wanted to talk about the advantages of neutering your male pet.movember

  1. Neutering decreases unwanted behaviors. Intact (unneutered) male dogs and cats love to mark and assert that a certain territory is theirs and only theirs (with STRONG smelling urine). And since they are a bit territorial, aggression issues may also be apparent either towards other males, other people, or even to their own owners in some instances. Of course, lets not forget the most annoying (and embarrassing) trait with male dogs Рmounting favorite toys, other dogs, or even people because of raging hormones OR the yowling and screaming out the window/outside with male cats.
  2. Neutering will decrease the pressure to roam around the neighborhood. Intact males want to mark their area and can smell a female in heat from several miles away. An intact male may seem more restless and will want to find any way they can to get out of the yard and house. This then puts him at risk for fighting with other males, getting lost, or being hit by a car.
  3. Neutering eliminates the chance of testicular cancer AND reduces the risk of prostate diseases. Research has shown that 66% of unneutered males get prostate disease.
  4. Neutering will help your pet live a longer life. Less roaming (62% of hit by cars are unneutered males!), and less chance of certain diseases helps increase the years you and your pet have with one another.
  5. Neutering will eliminate the chance of adding to the overpopulation problem. Although we all love puppies and kitties… millions of animals are euthanized each year¬†as there are too many and not enough responsible homes.

Some pet owners think about themselves in regards to neutering and don’t want to take away the manliness of their male pet. Let’s get this straight… animals go by instinct and instinct only and run with the hormones when they are raging. Your male dog/cat does not realize that it is not supposed to serenade its sister or mom. Neutering will lessen the hormones and help keep the attention on you, their owner, instead of trying to get out of the house as fast as possible, and you can ease your mind while taking your male dog camping, off leash walking, and kenneling (some kennels will not take an intact male or will make you pay a higher fee).

We want what is best for your pet. The internet can be a very scary place (Doctor Google anyone?) with a lot of uneducated opinions and biased answers. If you have doubts about having your pet neutered PLEASE call our team. Every pet is different and we want to keep them healthy and safe however we can! cats; neuter; medicine hat





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