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  • Herbicides And Pets

    Many pets love to be outside in the lush green lawn enjoying the great summer days, but how do you keep them safe when using chemicals to treat your lawn. Tips for keeping Pets safe around herbicides and chemicals in the yard. Follow manufacturers instructions, read the package carefully. Allow all chemicals to dry before allowing your pet outside. Wash feet when coming in from outside.  Some small breeds and cats may also need their … Read More »

  • Keeping Cool this Summer

    As summer approaches and the weather begins to get warmer with each day we need to make sure we keep our pets cool to keep them safe.  Pets are considered to be suffering from heat stroke or hyperthermia when their temperature reaches 40.5 C or 105 F.  Pets that are obese, have short noses (brachycephalic) or suffer from respiratory issues are more likely to suffer the ill effects of the heat. What to watch for? … Read More »

  • 5 Questions every new pet owner should ask your Vet.

    Have you just welcomed a new pet into your household?  Here are some questions you should ask your vet. 1.  Does my pet have any health concerns we need to follow up on? If your pet is an older rescue, or even if it is a new kitten or puppy, there may be an underlying disease or concern that your vet is wanting you to follow up on.  Getting a clear understanding of these concerns … Read More »

  • The Dangers of Dog Breath

    As previously discussed dog breath has a few causes.  Bacteria in the mouth not only causes doggy breath, but causes a great deal of damage to the mouth.   Where does the bacteria go? Bacteria will either stick to the teeth and form plaque and tartar, or it will be swallowed and will then enter the bloodstream, potentially affecting many organs. What does it do to the teeth above the gumline? Mature plaque and calculus … Read More »

  • February Is Dental Health Month

    Celebrate Dental Health Month with Cypress View We believe that a healthy mouth is so important and want to encourage you to celebrate dental health month with us. DID YOU KNOW?? 85% of pets have periodontal disease by age 3 How do I prevent dental disease? Brushing is the gold standard.  For proper effectiveness it must be done daily. Enzymatic Oral Gels – Oratene or Maxiguard are our tried and trusted products. Dental Diets – … Read More »

  • Aging changes in Dogs

    As our canine companions age we often notice a change in their behavior.  Canine cognitive dysfunction is a real thing and there is things we can do to make it easier for them and us. What are the symptoms of Cognitive Dysfunction Dogs suffering from cognitive dysfunction are often compared to the changes in people suffering from senility such as : Difficulty with sense of direction – moving around Forgetting training including housetraining Disorientation Confusion … Read More »

  • Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays from our family to yours. Here at Cypress View Veterinary Clinic we love to include our furry family members in our holiday celebrations.  We wanted to thank all of our amazing clients for all the cards and treats this holiday season and want to offer some tidbits on how to keep pets safe during the holidays. Holiday Dangers Christmas trees including decorations  Holiday feasts Poinsettas, Mistletoe, and various holiday plants/flowers Candles Cocktails Scary … Read More »

  • Feline Arthritis

      As our feline friends age many suffer from arthritis that often goes undiagnosed. What puts my cat at risk? Age Excess Weight Previous Injury or Orthopedic Surgery Developmental issues Cats over 8 are more likely to suffer from arthritis simply because of their age and the changes that accompany that.  Overweight animals are becoming an epidemic and we are seeing many animals suffering arthritis at an early age because of the excess stress placed on … Read More »

  • Pets Overheating

    Recently in the media, there have been lots of stories about animals (and children) being left in a motor vehicle during the hot weather. It cannot be said enough, please don’t leave your pets in the car during this heat. Even with the window partly open, there is not enough air flow to effectively cool the rising temperatures in the car. Dark colored interiors can reach very high temperatures which concurrently will heat the trapped … Read More »

  • Fleas and Your Pet

    What are fleas? They are bothersome, tiny, flat, wingless parasites that like to act like vampires and feed off of your pet’s blood.  Not only do they feed off of dogs, but cats,  birds and other mammals as well. When these tiny “bugs” pierce the skin, your pet may feel a bite, and try to scratch and get agitated. Scratching is definitely one of the signs that your pet has fleas. Adult fleas spend all of … Read More »