Saying Good-Bye

Our Team at Cypress View want your final moments together to be special and comfortable for both you and your pet. Our clinic has a quiet and serene comfort room to spend time with your pet. To make the procedure as calm and stress free as possible, we give a small amount of sedation to your pet and place an IV catheter. We encourage you to spend as much time as needed saying good-bye to your beloved companion.

Comfort Room FireplaceComfort Room

It has been confirmed, that for most people, the loss of a pet is comparable to the loss of a human family member; grieving is a normal process of losing a pet. There are a number of resources that can help with this hard time that will be posted below, and we encourage every pet owner who have lost a pet or is having a hard decision knowing when it is time to use these resources or to talk to one of our team members.


To keep your pets in lasting memory throughout the years, there are different options that can be chosen from if you would like your pet’s remains returned to you. We have provided pictures as well as descriptions, so that you can make a choice if you prefer before the appointment.

Scatterbox: the ashes are placed in a box that you have access to; this way you can spread the ashes in your pet’s favorite spot outside, or into your own handmade item/container that is special to you.


Oak Urn: A handmade oak urn with a golden plate with your pet’s name/nickname engraved on it. This urn has your pet’s ashes placed inside.

Oak Urn

Picture Frame Hand-Made Urn: A wooden urn hand made that has a picture frame to place your favorite picture of your beloved pet. This urn can be personalized with your pet’s name as well.

Picture Frame Hand-Made Urn

Chrome or Black Urn: Another beautiful option where your pet’s ashes are placed inside. There is either a chrome urn that is silver in color, or the black urn which has gold detailing.

Chrome or Black Urn

Paw Print: Our team can place your pet’s paw print on paper for you to either frame, or keep in a safe place for you to have in memory.

Paw Print

Clay Pawprints: Our Team can transform your pet’s paw print into a beautiful piece of artwork using PearTree Impressions. There is a wide selection of colors and patterns that can be chosen from in the links below.

Learn more about PearTree Impressions!

Color Chart

Style Sheet

Order Form

Clay Pawprints

We understand this is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner has to make, but we are here for you when you need it most. If you have any questions about the saying good-bye process, please call us, and one of our team members can assist you.