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Our Team at Cypress View want your final moments together to be special and comfortable for both you and your pet. Our clinic has a quiet and serene comfort room to spend time with your pet.  To make the procedure as calm and stress free as possible, we give a small amount of sedation to your pet and place an IV catheter. We encourage you to spend as much time as needed saying good-bye to your beloved companion.

It has been confirmed, that for most people, the loss of a pet is comparable to the loss of a human family member; grieving is a normal process of losing a pet. There are a number of resources that can help with this hard time that will be posted below, and we encourage every pet owner who have lost a pet or is having a hard decision knowing when it is time to use these resources or to talk to one of our team members.



We currently work with two amazing aftercare companies. You may also choose to take your pet with you after the euthanasia procedure if you have made your own aftercare arrangements.

Pet Heaven

This company offers pet cremation and cemetery burial services. Billing for this company is done through us, usually at the time of the euthanasia appointment. We take care of all of the arrangements after the euthanasia to get your pet to Pet Heaven and returned to us (if requested) within about 10 days time. Services offered:

  • Common Cremation – your pet will be respectfully cremated with other pets, the ashes will not be returned to you
  • Scatter Box Cremation – your pet will be cremated privately and returned to our clinic in an openable box. You may then choose to scatter the remains or move them into a custom ordered urn.
  • Oak Urn Cremation – your pet will be cremated privately and returned to our clinic in an oak urn with a name plate. 
  • Cemetery Burial – these services will need to be arranged with Pet Heaven prior to the euthanasia appointment by calling 403 526-0747

Peaceful Paws

This company helps guide you through your pet’s passing by providing comfort, understanding and exceptional customer care. Located in Brier Park, they offer many services that you might find at a funeral home for people. Billing for this company is handled through Peaceful Paws so it is best to make arrangements with them before your pet’s euthanasia appointment. Services offered:

  • Complimentary use of their Rainbow Bridge room
  •  Private family viewings and goodbyes
  •  Private cremations with option to witness
  •  Semi-private cremation
  •  Communal cremation
  •  Simple gatherings
  •  Personalized keepsakes, urns, jewellery
  •  Unique memorial products (nose and paw imprints)
  •  Prompt return of cremains
  •  Provides transportation of pet from your home or vet clinic

Additional Keepsakes

To keep your pets in lasting memory throughout the years, there are different options that can be chosen from if you would like your pet’s remains returned to you. We have provided pictures as well as descriptions, so that you can make a choice if you prefer before the appointment.

Scatter Box

Your pet will be cremated privately and returned to our clinic in an openable box. You may then choose to scatter the remains or move them into a custom ordered urn.

Oak Urn

Your pet will be cremated privately and returned to our clinic in an oak urn with a name plate. 

Beautiful Urns

Shop our web store for a beautiful selection of urns. Shopping is easy. Just register to shop and they will ship it to our clinic. 


Picture Frame Hand-Made Urn

A wooden urn hand made that has a picture frame to place your favorite picture of your beloved pet. This urn can be personalized with your pet’s name as well.

Chrome or Black Urn:

Another beautiful option where your pet’s ashes are placed inside. There is either a chrome urn that is silver in color, or the black urn which has gold detailing.

Paw Print:

Our team can place your pet’s paw print on paper for you to either frame, or keep in a safe place for you to have in memory.

Metal Foil Paw Print

One of our technicians is able to transform your ink paw print into a beautiful keepsake. These special works of art are beautiful on a wall or desk. They have a way of catching your eye and sparking a favorite memory of your beloved pet. These are available in silver, gold or rose gold and can include any information you’d like at the bottom. Framing is also available. Check out her work on Facebook or Instagram @missmoodiy (Miss Moo DIY).

Clay Pawprints: Spawts

Our Team can transform your pet’s paw print into a beautiful piece of artwork using Spawts or PearTree Impressions. There is a wide selection of colors and patterns that can be chosen from in the links below.

Click to visit Spawts website


The loss of a pet has been found to be comparable to the loss of a human loved on. If you are finding it hard to cope with the loss of your beloved pet, please check out these resources.

Peaceful Paws Grief Group

A local Facebook group dedicated to those that have recently lost their pets. It is a safe place to share stories, comfort others, and provide support to those going through the loss of a pet.

This group was created and moderated by the owner of Peaceful Paws. 

You can check out the group HERE

Keys to Hope Counselling Services

 Keys to Hope is a local counselling service that can help people cope with pet loss. 
Vision: To provide psychological counselling services, coaching services, and community workshops that are accessible, sustainable, and affordable to individuals, couples, and families from diverse backgrounds to increase meaning and wholeness into their lives.
Mission: To support people in discovering their purpose and realizing hope in their lives through healing, growth, and change. To increase energy, vitality, and empowerment through challenge, compassion, and authentic understanding and encouragement.

Counsellors at the clinic can help with grief & loss, including pet bereavement.

Team members that are able to help:

Melisha Franks, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Deena West, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Kyle Graham, Registered Psychologist

Alysha Gurney, Masters of Social Work

Minota Kennell, MSW, BSW, Counsellor

Keys to Hope Counselling Services

# 104 -1865 Dunmore RD SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 1Z8

403 487 1607

Keys to Hope Counselling Services – Keys to Hope Counselling Services